Where Are You on the Korean Wage Scale?

The BBC has this interesting feature up on their website that shows the average wage in many countries around the world. I was actually surprised at how high South Korea came, making on average an extra $400 per month compared with their Japanese counterparts – probably not what many people woul have predicted.

I know here’s also some debate occasionally about how much natiev speaking English teachers earn compared with other Koreans -well know at least you can find out where you stand compared to the average Korean.


Writing on the BBC

I recently wrote a guest blog for the BBC Word Service‘s “Have Your Say”. They have an excellent section featuring many posts by guest bloggers about each of the World Cup teams, which can all be viewed here. I was asked to write about a significant day in South Korea’s World Cup. My contribution can be found here, and a write-up with more detailed analysis of South Korea’s final World Cup group game match against Nigeria can be found on the Korean Football Blog here.