Korea’s World Cup So Far

Over on the Korean Football Blog I’ve got a post up with detailed analysis about South Korea’s World Cup performances so far, have a look if you’re interested! Especially useful for any readers who want to ingratiate themselves with Korean coworkers or friends by demonstrating your knowledge of Korean football!

Park Ji-sung celebrates his superb goal against Greece

4 Responses to “Korea’s World Cup So Far”

  1. Korea's World Cup So Far »Matchroom Asia Says:

    […] full post on football « WordPress.com Tag Feed By: The Sport Commentator Date: June 18, 2010 10:02 Categories: Lawn GamesPost tags: […]

  2. oasis Says:

    Fight! Fight! Fight! We cheer you go to second round.

  3. Alex Says:

    Whenever Korean soccer fans remark to you, as a foreigner, that, “Oh, you are handsome like Beckham!” you can respond, “And you are handsome like Park Ji-sung!”

    • Seamus Walsh Says:

      Hahaha thanks for that Alex, great stuff!

      Just in case you’re interested, I get an absolutely phenomenal number of hits on the football blog from people searching for the young Celtic player Ki Sung-yeung. I imagine a lot of them must be from young ladies…

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