New Blog

Just a quick post before I get back to more serious posting to say I’ve started up a new blog, called the Korean Football Blog, which is about… Korean football (meaning 축구).

If you’re interested – especially in the run-up to the World Cup – check it out, it’s obviously more light-hearted than this blog, but I hope it’ll be a good introduction to Korean football for anyone who doesn’t know that much, and a good source for people who want to keep track of the Korean national side and players around the world! If you’re interested enough to check out my blog, you should also take a look at the blog Good For Man’s Health, whose author writes frequently good posts about both North and South Korean national sides – we’re a minority in the Korea blogosphere, but the passion’s all there!

More real posts to come, I promise!

9 Responses to “New Blog”

  1. Paul Says:

    I hope you’ll have success with your new blog, though I have to admit to being a tad disappointed to see that you’re focusing on the national team and haven’t mentioned anything about football IN Korea yet. 😉

    • Seamus Walsh Says:

      Hi Paul, thanks for the kind words! Yes, it’s true, nothing about the K-League yet, but there will be, I promise! Just a bit busy writing a dissertation ad various translations at the moment – hence the slow posting on this blog as well.

  2. Paul Says:

    No worries — it is your blog to run how you want, after all! If the quality of writing remains at the high standards you have in place on asadalthough it will be a treat to read. My experience has been that it’s not too extremely difficult to find news about the Korean national team (granted, in-depth analysis is another matter…) but that information on the different national leagues is much harder to come by — which is what led to my comment. Nice to see that you didn’t take it too seriously! 😉

  3. D-war Says:

    There’s already a pretty comprehensive website that covers Korean football in English.

    • D-war Says:

      They’ve also interviewed quite a few players on it.

    • Seamus Walsh Says:

      Thanks for that vote of confidence, D-War. Actually, I’m well aware of London Korean Links – maybe you didn’t notice it on my blogroll up there on the right. It’s an excellent site, a great resource, including their sports section.

  4. D-war Says:

    I’m not saying yours is bad sorry if it came across like that. The more English info about Korean football the better!

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